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Drip Manage

2.3 usd

DripManage is an application with the end notice alarm of the IV infusion and the adjustment function of the IV drip rate.The calculation of the IV drip rate is troublesome. This application assists you to manage the IV infusion therapy.
Input the volume to be infused, the rate in ml/hr and the IV tubing calibration, this application displays a timing to drip a drop.You can adjust the rate by synchronizing the drip of IV infusion with this indication.
Additionally, because it calculates the end time of the drip automatically, it is not necessary for you to worry about the time with setting alarm.
Besides, you can manage the plural patients, so that it is easy to see at a glance the patients who are put on a drip and when its finished.
As for the IV drip management, leave it to DripManage. The troublesome calculation is not necessary anymore.
Escape ClauseThis application is for assisting purposes only. No claims are made or implied regarding the accuracy of calculations. No liability will be accepted by the author for any harm that comes from its use. If you use this application you must agree to these conditions.